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Hello sir, can you provide me details of dna/rna vaccine

Hello sir, Can you provide me details of DNA/RNA Vaccine

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  • Priya sarda best-answer

    DNA and RNA vaccines have the same goal as traditional vaccines, but they work slightly differently. Instead of injecting a weakened form of a virus or bacteria into the body as with a traditional vaccine, DNA and RNA vaccines use part of the virus’ own genetic code to stimulate an immune response. The mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 co-developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was the first of its kind authorized for emergency use in the United States.  DNA and RNA vaccines work the same way as each other, but have some differences. With a DNA vaccine, the virus’ genetic information “is transmitted to another molecule that is called the messenger RNA (mRNA),” Gennaro says. This means with an RNA or mRNA vaccine, you’re one step ahead of a DNA vaccine. Another difference between a DNA and RNA vaccine is that a DNA vaccine delivers the message via a small electrical pulse, which “literally pushes the message into the cell,” “The advantage is that this vaccine is very stable at higher temperatures. The disadvantage is that it requires a special device that provides the electrical pulse,”


    Thank you. plz can you provide me more details in pdf


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