Shweta Rani Asked a Question
January 25, 2022 3:09 pmpts 30 pts
hi, I am not getting question 7 n 8 from previous years solved question of general aptitude 1
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  • Shweta Rani
    q no 8
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  • Shweta Rani
    pls guide me.not getting silly questions
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    Rucha rajesh shingvekar
    Try to solve it regularly. Ask your doubts anytime.
  • Shweta Rani
    n question no 7 from previous year's questions
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  • Shweta Rani
    q no 8 -lf A is coded as C,M as I,N asP,S as O,I as A,P as N,E as M, O as E, C as S then company will be coded as .....
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  • Rucha rajesh shingvekar thankyou
    Will you please share questions.
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