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highest electronegativity. How the radius ratio is related with the co-ordination number and structure of ionic crystal? Ans. The permitted coordination number and structural arrangement of anions around cations for different rIr ratio are given in Table: Limiting Radius Ratio, r Permitted Co- Structural Example ordination Numbe r Arrangement 0-155 0 255 3 Plane Trigonal BO3 0-255-0-414 4 Tetrahedral ZnS 0-414-0.732 6 Octahedral NaCl 0-732 1.00 8 Cubic CsCI
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    see radius ratio is the ratio or radius of cation to that of the radius of anion I. e. r+/r- so if you think clearly the radius ratio is basically telling you the amount of spac...
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    sir please answer btao iska
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