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Media for animal cell culture cannot be sterilized by steam because they contain a lots of heat labile components therefore they are sterilized by filtration method which include membrane filters which with variable pore sizes (0.1-0.4 pum) for removal of bacterial, fungal, micro plasma and viral contaminants. and even if we filter the cells from the small pore size then we have to destruct the animal cells to filter.
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  • Sonampreet kaur
    animal cells remains intact if we choose filter size carefully .. as cell has bigger size ... so it will bw intact ..
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  • Sonampreet kaur thankyou
    by filter sterilization we can filter microbes ...as same as having filters in water purifier ..same as that contains filter of 0.2 to 0.5 micrometer size ...
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    Niranjan rao podili
    thank you madam
  • Alka pal thankyou
    Just think about the tea strainer ...it filters the large sized tea leaves or granules with the water n milk content in a similar way when cell culture is filtered all the microbes...
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    A. kirti
    do u mean that animal cells remain in strainer and the microbes are filtered out of it