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How is answer b ?

how is answer b ?,..........................................

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  • Reshma gupta best-answer

    answer should be a because deductive reasoning is mot based on experiment or observation but it is just based on logic and supported by premises. In practice, the most basic form of deductive reasoning is the syllogism, where two premises that share some idea support a conclusion. It is easier to comprehensively think of syllogisms like the following theorem: If A=B and C=A, then B=C. For instance, a) All organs are made out of living tissue. All humans have organs. Therefore, all humans are made out of organs. Above statements states that the premises prove the conclusion, not justify it. Deductive reasoning is meant to demonstrate that the conclusion is absolutely true based on the logic of the premises. b) All violins make sounds. Airplanes make sounds. Therefore, airplanes are the violin. The syllogism on the above statements contains two objectively true premises, but its conclusion is false because it is plausible for airplanes and violins to be totally separate entities while still having the same characteristics. so answer should be a not b.


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