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How to prepare 0.2ml of 1% srbc

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    Krishan k jakhad best-answer

    Full form of SRBC is Sheep Red Blood Cells..2% solution of RBC from whole blood is generally used for hemagglutination/lectin assay. so here 200 microlitre is your total solution (0.2 ml). so add 2 Microlitre of blood in 198 microlitres saline. Procedure : 1. 1 drop of blood were put in the centrifuge tube 2. Added saline in it until there is 1cm left from the tube mouth 3. Then centrifuge @2500 rpm for 2 minutes 4. After centrifuge the supernatant are removed and blood are mixed well with another saline 5. The step 2-3 are repeated 6. When all the blood are done centrifuge prepare 2% suspension(1 drop blood&49 drop saline). Saline solution have been used in immunohaematology lab for cell washing and to prepare cell suspension.1% sodium hpochlorite areprepared to clean up places contaminated by blood, suspensions of washed blood having and unknown antigens on their surface area are required for various test in the lab, the washing of cell is necessary to remove plasma , which may interfere with the interferences with the reaction of the cells,in addition, blood group substances in plasma may neutralize the antiserum leading to false negative result,it also necessary to use red blood cell suspension of the appropriate strength for optimum reaction with antibody molecule,the red blood cell are suspended in isotonic solution of the sodium chlorideat ph 7.0 adjusted


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