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  • Sanchari Pal
    yeah, yeah, I was doing it wrong I was thinking frequency =1/wavelength.. but its C/wavelength.. Thank you sir
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  • Sanchari Pal
    and even in Em theory when a light is incident from one medium to another it is clearly mentioned that "Frequency of em wave is not changing" ..
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    Dr. manish kumar gupta
    Yes, you are right. but also study the concept of velocity of em waves in different mediums.
  • Sanchari Pal
    this was my question, how the wavelebgth can change? Is'nt wave length is the fundamental property of light wave? Is'nt change in wave length mean the change in frequency? suppose ...
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    Dr. manish kumar gupta
    No, it's not due to change in frequency, rather it is due to change in velocity in different mediums. wavelength is given by velocity/frequency. So, in case of vacuum we write c/fr...
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  • Dr. manish kumar gupta thankyou
    it's very simple only enviornment is changed so the effective wavelength of the light will change. wavelength of light in any medium decreases (when compared with vacuum) by factor...
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