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13. Match the items of List - I with the items of List - II and find out the correct matching. List - I List II Production functions Name of the shapes of returns to scale (a) Q=10.2 K0.19 L0.88 i) Constant Returns to scale (b) Q=1.01 L0.75 KO0.25 i) Diminishing Returns to scale ()Q=0.84 L0.63 K0.3 (iii) Increasing Returns to scale Codes: (a) (b) (c) (1) ) i) (ii) (2) (i) ) Gii) (3) (i) (ii) ) (4) () (ii) (i)
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    yes i also think so...
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  • Sapna thakur thankyou
    options are giving wrong.. it would be a. Inc return b. constant c. Dec return
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