Sanju Lather posted an Question
December 30, 2021 • 18:28 pm 10 points
  • Physical Sciences

I want to ask the reason behind the solution.

i want to ask the reason behind the solution. how did we conclude that?

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  • Nargis sultana best-answer

    entropy at equilibrium of an isolated system is always MAXIMUM...hence S=K ln omega implies that omega also need to be MAXIMUM..

  • Swapnadeep goswami

    Well this is a very elemantary yet elegant relation in Physics. This relation is basically a manifestation of Nernst heat theorem, which you can check over the internet or you can read any standard text book of thermodynamics or statistical mechanics. But the main point I would like to state that entrooy is a measure of disorder of a system. Equilibrium happens to be the most disordered state a system can have and thus entropy becomes maximum at equilibrium. So we can say that equilibrium is the most desired or preferred states among all the states a system can posses. This suggest that there must be an inherent relation between the thermodynamic probability of the system and its entropy. This may feel a little round ,but the bottom line is a system wants to posses a state which has maximum number of accessible states and surprisingly equilibrium states satisfy that property with the entropy being maximum.


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