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Identify which one is a first order phase tran- sition? (a) A liquid to gas transition at its critical temperature (b) A liquid to gas transition close to its triple point (c) A paramagnetic to ferromagnetic transi- tion in the absence of s magnetic field (d) A metal to superconductor transition in the absence of s magnetic field
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  • Chandra dhawan
    I hope my explanation... u understood
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  • Chandra dhawan
    clearly option (c )and (d ) are not first order phase transition as it involves symmetry variation . so now confusion can arise only with option (a) and (b ) . in order to avoid t...
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  • Dhairya sharma
    First-order phase transitions are those that involve a latent heat. During such a transition, a system either absorbs or releases a fixed (and typically large) amount of energy per...
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  • Ruby negi
    option b is correct.. I also attached example of second order phase transition
    • cropped-1182764066.jpg
    • cropped689913050.jpg
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  • Abhishek singh thankyou
    Option B is correct. See the attached.
    • cropped1521217778149376054.jpg
    • cropped1102954149327950947.jpg
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