A.naresh Kumar Asked a Question
July 13, 2020 2:22 pmpts 30 pts
if SAP is sub set of ERP, why don't ERP Includes SAP?
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    dear student simply you live in a house doesn't mean the house too live within you. Enterprise resource planning includes many sub parts including srp these parts make ERP. hope yo...
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    A.naresh Kumar
    as you said... SAP is a sub part of ERP. does not it mean ERP include SAP??
  • रौनक thankyou
    yess yess naresh kumar ERP includes SAP.. apologies for late reply
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  • A.naresh Kumar
    I'm not asking whether SAP include ERP or not
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  • A.naresh Kumar
    I'm just asking whether ERP includes SAP or Not
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