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In a diatomic molecule, the nuclei are on the z-axis. The bonding MO formed by the overlap oftwo 2p, qurPyrami Tar pyramid orbitals contains 2P W--1 2- o (a) zero nodal plane (b) one nodal plane between the nuclei (c) one nodal plane along the internuclear axis (d) two nodal planes on either side of nuclei The shape of |BrF, ion is
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    Py orbital means P orbital along Y- axis. that means orbitals are along y-axis means parallel to Y- axis but nucleus is in z axis... now see figure and understand
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    Amit kumar nayak
    thanks nivedha
  • Lingareddy thankyou
    one nodel plane xz along the axis
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  • Nivedha
    i understood. thank you.
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