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In a Stern-Gerlach experiment with spin-2 particles, the beam is found to form two screen, one directly above the other. The experimenter now makes a hole in the position of the upper spot. The particles that go through this hole are then passed thr Stern-Gerlach apparatus but with its magnetic rotated by 90 degrees counter-clockwieoOther axis of the beam direction. Which of the following shoWS what happens on the secondt the two spots on the screen at the Ex. gh another about the SCreen (TIFR 2014) (B) (A) (D) (C) Iromant all comnonent of snin at a
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    please see attached picture..D is the answer..First Assume that in 1st set up Magnetic field is given at +z direction and in the 2 nd set up ,it is in +y direction...
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