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z-0 By transforming to a triple integral evaluate 1= Jx'dydz + x'ydzdx+ x°z dx dy) where S is the closed surface bounded by the planes z = 0, z = h By divergence theorem, the required surface integrall is equal to the SI Ex. the oyindes the volume inte Sol. ) )v S y x (3x+x +x )dxdydz y--a x=-a-y) = 4x5 7xdxdydz 20 x dydz20(a-y)"dydiz av" zdy-2 bfa-y*ay dydz 3 z-0Jy=0 x=0 any sur y=0 Put y = a sin t so that dy = a cos t dt 20 cos tdt-ab422 a cos t(a cost) dt 3 = 3 3 Contact Us: Website: www.eduncla
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  • Mayank shukla
    how is 4 comes there
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  • Vaishnavi rajora thankyou
    5 is coming because we have to add all terms of x^2 (x square) so -> 3x^2 + x^2 + x^2 = 5x^2. so here is 5.
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    Soumi Mukherjee
    oh dear!! I missed out one term😅🙈