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ing a nd Aptitude Mathematical Reasoning reduced price ducion of 21% in the price of an item enables a persOn to Duy 3 Kg more for 100 (B) nore for 100. The reduce Rs.7.50 ice Ex.25 A reduc Rs.7.00 (D) Recl vctt Cm ce -2 of item per kg is: Rs.5.50 (A) Rs.10.50 (C) Reduced price will be In our case R = Rs. 100, x = 21%, y = 3kg 21)/(100 x 3)} = Rs.7 (D) Ans. Reduction Price (x)/100 (y) per kg Ex.26 The price of sugar increases by 32%. A family reduces its consumption so that the expend is up by 10% only. If the total consumption of sugar before the price was 10 kg per (B) the expenditure of the sugar kg per month then ((100 the 6.34 consumption of sugar per month at present (in kg). 10.34 (A) 7.34 (D) (C) 8.34 (C) Expenditure = Price x Consumption Ans. 132 of new consumption(y) 110% of 10= 100 11008.34 Kg Hence, 132 Let the initial price of sugar = Rs.100 per kg Initial consumption = 10 kg per month Total expenditure on sugar = 100 x 10= Rs.1000 per month New price of sugar = Rs. 132 per kg Total expenditure = Rs.1100 per month (because 10% increase from Rs. 1000) Present consumption 110025-8-Kg Per Month 132 3 Ex.27 If the price of sugar is increased by 25%, find how much percent a family must reduce their consumption of sugar so as not to increase the expenditure of the family?2 (A) 10% (C) 30% (B) 20% Ans. (BB) Reduction in consumption of sugar (D) 40% 25 100+25 100 %=25x100 To 20% 125 Ex.28 30 litres of a mixture of alcohol and water contains 20% alcohol. How many litres of water must be au to make the alcohol 15% in the new mixture? (A) 10 (C) 30 added (B) 20 Contact Us: Website www.edunçle romn (D) 40 yh sarai ques bta do plz or ques ki plz koi vedio bta do taki mai trick samjh saku mujhai asi ques smjh nhi aa rahai hai
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