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Institute for net/jrf, gate, iit-jam, m.sc. entrance, jest, tifr and gre in physics q4. consider a system of n non-interacting spins, each of which has classica

Institute for NET/JRF, GATE, IIT-JAM, M.Sc. Entrance, JEST, TIFR and GRE in Physics Q4. Consider a system of N non-interacting spins, each of which has classical magnetic moment of magnitude u. The Hamiltonian of this system in an external magnetic field H is,H, where i, is the magnetic moment of the spin. The magnetization per spin at temperature Tis (a) 4H k,T (b) coth ,T "k,T) uH (c)Sink,T) (d) tanh L

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    Ravi bhushan

    खैर कोई बात नहीं भाई।

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    Ravi bhushan

    मुझे ऐसा क्यों लग रहा है कि इस प्रश्न का उत्तर मैं पहले कभी दे चुका हूँ।


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