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is a pc parucle of mass m then force between these particles is not given by adove TOmula M xdmple: As shown in fiqure if one of the object is block of mass M and anotherin m d GMm i.e. F because density is not uniform lo solve this we have to use integration as follows nt is dx (He irst take a mass element dM at distancex from one side of rod and length of element is d. length of rod is ). ll2- dM x = 0 m X =l dx d (d- x+02) Force due to element taken Gm dM dF (d-x+0/2) Gm dM F=J(d-x+012 We have to convert dM in terms of dx llength has mass M dx length has mass dx unitary method (use only for uniform object) dx Substituting dM-dx Therefore, Gravitational force between both particles is Gm(M/e)dx F= Jo (d- x+ ll2) GmM F -1 1 (d-x+ll2)J, (-1) GmM GmM F ld-(e12 d-214 GmM F 214 tact Us eheit
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    block mass, M is a Rigid body. So it has continuous mass distribution. That's why we need to do integration on taking a small mass slice and put the limit for hole body. If ma...
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