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It is a group (b) The set {1,-1, i, -i} wrt multiplication -1 i 1 E 1 e.cor -1 i -1 (B) It is associative (A) It is closed 1 is identity (1)1 = 1(-1)1= - 1 (i)1 = - i (-i)' = i (D) (C) It is a group. J4on modulo 6
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  • Nabeela Best Answer
    i²= -(i²)= 1
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  • Nabeela
    it is a group
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    Sana khan Khan
    i have doubt in D part
  • Nabeela
    it is closed since all the values in the matrix are from set itself..every element have and identity element as there is 1 in every row. d part is the calculation of the inverse......
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    Sana khan Khan
    but how come we got -i*i=1
  • Nabeela
    take any value from extreme look for 1 in that particular is under -i is the inverse of i
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  • Nabeela
    i is iota here
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  • Sana khan Khan
    thnku so much Mam.... i got ur point😊
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