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For a plane wave of angular frequency o and propagation vector k propagating in the medium Maxwell's equations reduce to (a) k E =0; k H = 0; kxE=øsh; kxH=-ouE (b) k E=0; k H =0; kxE= -os H; kx H =ouE (c) kE =0; k.H =0; kxE= -ouH; k xH=osE (d) k E=0; k.H =0; kxE =ouH; kxH=-wEE
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  • Abhishek singh
    I have derived each step.This will surely help you.
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    Abhishek singh
    option D is correct
  • Chandra dhawan thankyou
    see attached file it's very helpful for you dear.....
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    Chandra dhawan
    I hope you will get it dear
  • Ruby negi Best Answer
    k is the direction of propagation and you know direction of propagation is always perpendicular to e.f and m.f. ... also H=B/permeability so option a is correct...
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    Ruby negi
    option a is correct.
  • Dhairya sharma thankyou
    see what concept i used dear.
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    Dhairya sharma
    i hope this concept will help u
  • Dhairya sharma
    dear see attached.
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    Dhairya sharma
    here i used the concept the em wave in which del is representted as ik and d/dt as -iw.