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Let f: RR and g: la, b > R| 2. Let la,) be a sequence of positive be defined as A) = *Vxe Rand numbers. Which of the following is A) = x*V xe la, bl. Then true ? (A) f and s both are uniformly (A) Convergence of implies continuous the convergence of 4/28 (B) fis uniformly continuous and g (B) Convergence ofJ plies 18 continuous the convergence of 2 4 (C)fi8 continuous and g is (C) Convergence of 2 a, implies the uniformly continuous convergence of (D) fand gboth are continuous but (D) Convergence of 2 a, implies the not uniformly continuous convergence of 2Y PTO
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  • Rashmi
    please explain me existance and uniqueness theorem
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  • Rashmi
    tell me topic and explain
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  • Anonymous User
    see this
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  • Anonymous User thankyou
    for F(x)=X^2 on R
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  • Anonymous User
    Option C and D are ture . Any doubt plz ask
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  • Sonu saini thankyou
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