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Best IIT Ph.D. Entrance Exams to Pursue Ph.D. Courses at Top IITs!


IIT Ph.D. Entrance Exam



Getting admissions in IITs and that too for admission in Ph.D. courses is obviously not the easiest task. But it is also not the toughest task for the candidates. They may get admission in IITs to pursue Ph.D. if they perform well in the entrance exam.


There are many IIT Ph.D. Entrance Exams in which candidates may appear. After clearing the exam, candidates are eligible to apply for Ph.D. admissions in IITs.


Most of the candidates get confused while choosing the right entrance exam for Ph.D. admission. So, to help those students we have provided the list of Ph.D. Entrance Exams for admission in IITs. Enlisted below are those exams:


IIT JAM (Joint Admission test for M.Sc.)

DBT JRF Biotechnology Eligibility Test (BET)

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering)



Out of the above mentioned IIT Ph.D. Entrance Exams 2018, IIT JAM is the best choice. With IIT JAM Exam, you can pursue various Ph.D. courses offered by IITs. A long list of Ph.D. courses will be available after clearing IIT JAM Exam.



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IIT JAM exam can be taken by the candidates with both Basic Sciences and Applied Sciences Graduation Degrees to pursue Joint M.Sc.-Ph.D. and M.Sc.-Ph.D. Dual Degree.


IIT JAM Syllabus mainly includes topics that candidates usually study in their Bachelor’s Degree programs. So, you can easily crack the exam.


IIT JAM Exam is conducted in seven subjects. But a candidate can only apply for maximum two subjects. The subjects a candidate chooses for IIT JAM Exam must be conducted in different sessions.


For JAM preparation, a candidate studies for 1 or maximum two subjects. So, they don’t have to study much as this does not cover too many topics (See IIT JAM 2020 Syllabus). This is another advantage of appearing in IIT JAM Exam over other IIT Ph.D. Entrance Exams.


But to appear in IIT JAM Exam, you need to satisfy all the eligibility conditions set by the organizing institute.


After satisfying the eligibility conditions, candidates may look for the Ph.D. courses they can pursue after clearing the IIT JAM Exam.


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So, below we have provided the list all the Ph.D. courses a candidate may pursue after appearing in IIT JAM Exam.



List of Ph.D. Courses through IIT JAM Exam


After clearing IIT Ph.D. entrance exam i.e. IIT JAM Exam, you can pursue the following Ph.D. courses at IITs:


M.Sc.- Ph.D. Dual Degree in Environmental Science and Engineering

Joint M.Sc.- Ph.D. in Chemistry

Joint M.Sc.- Ph.D. in Geophysics

Joint M.Sc.- Ph.D. in Geology

Joint M.Sc.- Ph.D. in Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences

Joint M.Sc.- Ph.D. in Mathematics

M.Sc.- Ph.D. Dual Degree in Operations Research

Joint M.Sc.- Ph.D. in Physics

M.Sc.- Ph.D. Dual Degree in Physics


With IIT JAM Exam, you have a fair chance of getting admitted to the top most IITs to pursue Ph.D. courses. So, are you willing to know which are the top most IITs you will be admitted in for pursuing Ph.D. courses?


So, enlisted below are the top IITs that offer Ph.D. courses after clearing IIT JAM Exam:


IIT Bhubaneswar

IIT Bombay

IIT Indore

IIT Kanpur

IIT Kharagpur


Want to know how to get admission in these IITs through IIT JAM Exam? Check the complete IIT JAM Admission Procedure here.



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Now, most of the candidates must be looking for the advantages of pursuing Ph.D. at IITs through IIT JAM Exam.

So, below is the list for the same.



Advantages of pursuing Ph.D. at IITs through IIT JAM Exam


Most of the candidates must be thinking what are the advantages of pursuing Ph.D. course through IIT JAM Exam?


So, to answer these types of questions we have made a list of all the benefits you will get after or while pursuing your Ph.D. course at IITs through IIT JAM Exam.


You will get a chance to study in the top most IITs.

An immense respect as most of the IITians get.

You can become a career advisor to many students.

You will get the best research facilities in IITs.

After pursuing Ph.D. through IIT JAM Exam, you have a variety of options. You can become an Entrepreneur or you can apply for Government Jobs. You can even apply for research or scientists Jobs in Government Owned Scientific Research and Development Organizations.

Apart from studies, there will be a lot of extra-curricular activities at IITs.

You can take advantage of having Dr. as your professional title.

IITs have the best professors. Having a good professor or a good guidance will help you make your bright career.

IITs also conduct a Student Exchange Program where the students will be permitted to visit Institutions in Germany, Switzerland and a few other countries for specific course or project work.



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So, candidates who will be pursuing Ph.D. course can appear in any of these exams. We have provided the complete details and advantages regarding IIT Ph.D. Entrance Exams.


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