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LS (Anim vysiology) Golgi Body Axon Synaptic Cleft Depolarization of Postsynaptic Membran Mitochondria Transmitter Vesicle En : Diagrammatic Representation of Action Potential Transmission Through the Symapse The presynaptic membrane is rich withl voltage-gated calcium channes When an actien potential depolarizes the presynaptic membrane the calcium channels open leading to the fusion of the transmitter vesicle with the presynaptic membrane releasing the neurotransmitter into the synaptic cleft. The postsynaptic membrane is rich with receptor proteins which has two parts: (0) a region that passes through the membrane and is either associated with an ion channel or with second messenger activators. binding region that extrudes from the membrane into the synaptic cleft and (i) activator Second messenger system is most commonly associated with G-proteins which upon activation lead to the opening of specific ion channels which leads to generation 1 on channels are of two types: cation channels that allow the inflow of sodium (Na) channels and anion channels allowing the flow of chloride (Ch) channels 2. of action potential.
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    action potential travels along an axon until it depolarizes the membrane at an axon terminal. Depolarization of the membrane causes voltage-gated Ca2+ channels to open and Ca2+ to ...
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    i ask in this paragraph receptor protien which has two parts and also consider the voltage gated calcium channels plz easily describe with dimgram
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