Nisha sharma Asked a Question
October 21, 2021 2:14 pmpts 30 pts
mam when we are dividing 100/108 we get 0.925 but anser
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  • Rucha rajesh shingvekar
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    Nisha sharma
    mam how we will know that now we have to stop dividing & will take values considering 4th digit
  • Priya sarda thankyou
    0.925925926.....tthhe fourth digit is 9. if fourth digit is five or greater than five then third digit increases by 1.So answer is 0.926
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    Nisha sharma
    mam so we willl divide it so many times
  • Nisha sharma
    but in buk it is given 0.926
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  • Nisha sharma
    my answer is 0.925
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    Rucha rajesh shingvekar
    yes it's correct
  • Nisha sharma
    mam please divide it
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    Priya sarda
    see solved. same remainder is coming 280. When same numbers come stop at the fourth digit
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