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Match the following (a (b) (c) List-I (Organisations) International Monetary 3 List-ll (Functions) o make proposals for putting the policies into effect Reducing tariffs and other trade transactions by member countries Operates on commercial terms targeting profit To increase the effective demand for real income growth and goods () UNCTAD (i) GATT (ii) International Finance Corporation (iv) Codes (a) (iv) B) () C) ii) (i) (b) (0) (ii) (c) (i) (iv) (iv) (iv) (d) (Gii) (ii) (i) ) A) (D) nact Tls Call U 6
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  • रौनक thankyou
    Dear student The answer will be 'A' if you match only one set you will get your answer for example functions of GATT -The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is a legal a...
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  • Nachiket Gharat
    Thank you Sir, In our study material option B is given as answer. That's why I am confused .
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