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Match the items of List-I with the items of List-lI and find out the correct List-II List-I Production functions Name of the shapes of returns to scale (a) Q 10.2 KO19 L088 b) Q= 1.01 L075 K025 Constant Returns to scale Diminishing Returns to sca Increasing Returns to scale ) (i) ii) 0.84 L063 K03 Q Codes (a) (b) (c) (A) (B) (i) (i) ( (ii) () 6) (D) 6) (i) (i (i)
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    see this
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  • Amrutha
    see the attached image for solution
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  • Amrutha
    Hi pooja, i can help you out for solving this kind of problems. pls see the how I worked out this.
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  • Pooja Nema
    any one here who will solve it that i understand well and easily
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  • An tiwari
    for calculation you can take 1 as linda value and compare it with the Q than you will get theses three results which are in this picture on the basis of these three you can answe...
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    Pooja Nema
    i don't understand plz solved it then expain
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