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md Applicat ns (Databa nagement Sam [AB) S d suPerkey not B) IS a superke not candidate key. A is the the andidate key Which of the fo which Of the following is 'not a superkey in a relation schema with attributes V, W, X.Y.Z and rimary key XY? nema with attributes V, W, X,Y,Z and VXYZ (B) WXZ P) In VWXZ no complete candidate key exists so it is not superkey WXY (D) WXYZ ) [GATE 2013 ven a Relation R(A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H) F {CH G A > BC B CFH E A F EG) A manv candidate kevs does the ralatian D hava 2
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    if XY is a primary key , then every super should contain XY, else it will not be considered as super key...x and y are compulsary attributes
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