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Model Solved Papers (1-7)- Economics Question: 298/700 If the sum of the first 2n terms of the AP series 2,5,8,. is equal to the sum of the first n terms of the AP series 57,59,61,.., then n equals 10 12 11 13 View Solution According to the given condition SS 12x2-(2n-1)x31-(2xT+(n-1)x2] (4+6n-3) 114-2n-2) 6n + 1E 57 + n-1 5n 55 n 11 AT ON nDD
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  • Mukesh kumar nayak
    Thank you for your clarification
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  • Reshma gupta
    i used every step of this question.take a look. first calculate ap of 2n terms of 2,5,8 then sum of ap of n terms of 57,59,61.. and then make them equal as given the condition in q...
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    Reshma gupta
    what do you want to clear?? every step is carefully the question and see the solution step by step.there is simple mathematical calculation. but if you do not get
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  • Reshma gupta thankyou
    take a look at answers..
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    Reshma gupta
    on which you want clarification..would you tell me which step you did not understand
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