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Name the commission who found evidenced practiced for child labour act?

name the commission who found evidenced practiced for child labour act?pls elaborate.

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    The Royal Commission of Labour found evidence in such widely separated areas as Amritsar, Ahmedabad and Madras of the practice of pledging child labour, that is, the taking of advances by parents or guardians on agreements, written or oral, pledging the labour of their children. Brief History The organization of the Chief Labour Commissioner(Central) also known as Central Industrial Relations Machinery is an apex organization in the country responsible for maintaining harmonious industrial relations mainly in the sphere of central Government. In pursuance of the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Labour in India, the organization was set up in April, 1945 by combining the former organizations of the conciliation Officer (Railways), Supervisor of Railway Labour and the Labour Welfare Advisor. It was then charged mainly with duties of prevention and settlement of industrial disputes, enforcement of labour laws and to promote welfare of workers in the industrial establishments falling within the sphere of the Central Government. It started with a small complement of staff comprising Chief Labour Commissioner(C) at New Delhi, 3 Regional Labour Commissioners at Bombay, Kolkata & Lahore, 8 Conciliation Officers and 18 Labour Inspectors. The Conciliation Officers and Labour Inspector were re-designated as Assistant Labour Commissioner (C) and Labour Enforcement Officer (C).


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