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New Education Policy 2020 is an example of which type of policy? OMulti-purpose Policy OIssue-specific policy OLarge-scale Policy Both Multi-purpose and Large-scale Policy
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  • Reshma gupta thankyou
    NEP 2020 is a multipurpose and larger scale because it include all the group of studnets.first time in nep preprimary education hasbeen mentioned in a broad way. nep 2020 does not ...
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  • Aabha mishra 1
    I think it is both multipurpose and large scale as it includes many objectives regarding education and it also applied on national level so it will be both multipurpose and large s...
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  • Sangeeta tiwari
    option d
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  • Xxx
    i think it's only related to education. it's only single issue so!
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  • Xxx
    i think b
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    Samreenbanu kittur
    can u explain it
  • Priya gulani
    i think it should be both multipurpose and large scale
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  • Xxx
    explain plz
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  • Samreenbanu kittur thankyou
    Both multipurpose and large scale policy
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