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Objectives ples esou g the organizattonal kements.and-lt (41Sk anal2ation (4) Organízational climate analysis tements Il and IV nalysis ourees of o.Statement (0): Virtue ethics ich pproac Stresses th Cated with Aristotio principles 'rihtance of devetoping virtuous and the purs Stater vnere an action 1s T conforms to the principle of utility, whereby utility is minimised and pain ad unnappiness minimised more tnan any alternative. Statement (ll): 'Deontological Ethics is an etna pproach where rightness or wrongness O n action or decision is not judged to De paseo exclusively on the consequences of that action or decision. of ethical 3Xi and Metro re aracter and BMw ement (1): uous life. tnanism is an ethical approach (d ment park (4) i i ii he guality of on ? inconsistent ime in terms of 0), (0) and (1) (2) (1) and (1)' )0 and (111) (4) (0) and () as is a 57. Assertion (A): The matterof succession ina ic often deferred. tmnst 56?? please 56 no ques bta do or explain bhu kar dena
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    2 statement is wrong because utility is maximised & pain is minimised.
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