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of the KVIS launched in December 2004 and revised in 2010 toprovide opportunitiesjon students to build their capacity on ICT skills and make them learn through coniputer u learning process. llaborative Learning System in Teaching and Learning of Project Based Learni- Computer-support Coll. field of research of research and practice in learning, aiming at enhancing the quality of learning. Ir uses are, text-based, audio-based or video-based communication tools, as well as asynchronous sofiware to prove learning and struction in various areas of education. A computer-mediated learning-support system designed as a suite of integrated, internet-based provide (a) Intelligent support both for the processes of doing a project and for learning irom do (b) A shared dynamic knowledge base for working and learning in a community supporung P. Proiect Based Learning includes support for two instructional processes and four learning proc processes are: (a) Seaffolding: Scaffolding as a process where an expert performs part of a complex tas unprepared, thereby allowing learners to engage in work that would normally be outside the take the form of a suggestion or other discourse-based assistance. (b) Coaching: Stuated responses to learner task performances which are targeted at br closer to expert performance. Advanced, interactive help system that is context/task sensitive: Immediate feedback targeted at improving the use of the tools themselves. Immediate feedback targeted at explaining/scaffolding/supporting performance Context sensitive guidance system. (c) The Learning Processes: Tools designed to assist learners with the complex demD being resourceful within authentic research projects scheduling tools for establishing s and stop dates. (d) Knowledge Representation: Tools designed to assist learners in the framing, of their ideas, knowledge, and their development, and in deriving cognitive benef Sections for representation of a project abstract, project goals, objectives, res of the work. Multiple representational formats via native documents and automatically- midance systems fully integrated to assist i-
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