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OS to b) 166 kJmol KJI mhelow is the [PJ Vs time plot of an enzymatic reaction carried out by the enzyme 3. d) -6 kJmol ICSIR NET DEC2 90r 60 P 30 AA wwwww 0 15 30 40 60 75 90 Time [seconds] which one of the folloWing statements is the correct interpretation of the data? a) The Kn and Vmax Of the enzyme X are 15 and 60 units, respectively. b) The Vmax 1s 60 but the Km Cannot be determined c) The Km is 15 but the Vmax cannot be determined d) Neither the Km nor the Vmax Of the enzyme X can be determined from these data CSIR NNE he fllowIng obserratione ara mado c 20
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    D. at first glance it seems B is correct but the real answer should be D..can not determine both from given data. a real data graph should be one as attached in image might help y...
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