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Oues. To detect mutation (GAG > GTG) allele specific hybridization method is used. Four members of an affected family are investigated. DNA isolated from blood samples of parents and two offsprings are spotted on a membrane after appropriate processing and probed with either TGACTCCTGAG or GAGA AGTC (first probe) or TGACTCCTGTGGAGAAGTC (second probe) after labelling. While probed with first oligonucleotide, signals are obtained for the positions where DNA are spotted from parents and offspring II. When probed with second oligonucleotide, signals are obtained at position where DNA from the parents and offspring I are spotted. Results are shown below. Mother Father Offspring I Offspring II First Probe Second probe (CSIR NET June 2011) On the basis of the result, which of the following statements is correct ? (B) Offspring I is affected A) Parents are affected (D) Offspring II is affected (C) Offspring II is carrier 11
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  • Krishan k jakhad thankyou
    statements A&B are correct. it means parents and offspring 1 is affected and shown to have mutation.
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