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July 12, 2021 • 23:55 pm 30 points
  • Chemical Sciences

Pb4 rt pbf r.t=room temp. 4f np. (exist) strong o.a non r.a [pblj3 pbl + 2 [pblp pbcl 50 pb4 4ci pbc pbcl +cl above (exist) strong o.a weak r.a

what is mean by nonR A and how we come to know which molecule is exist

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    Dinesh khalmaniya 1

    here RA mean reducing agent and OA mean oxidising agent. here due to inert pair effect down the group oxidation state decrease so Tl, Pd, Bi exist as Tl+ , Pb+2 and Bi+3 ions. here Pd +4 is given so it is unstable and readily convert to Pb+2 by accepting 2e so Pb+4 is strong oxidising agent. In case of PbI4 , Pb+4 is SOA while I- is SRA so here redox reaction takes place so Pb+4 converted to Pb+2 and it exists as PbI2. in case of PbF4 F is weak RA so here redox reaction doesn't take place so PbF4 exist.


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