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Permutations ngement of all or part of a set of objects with regard to the order of the arrangrme A permutation is an arrangement of all or e the order of arrangements matters nerical Ability Example l: Suppose we have a set of three letters A, B, and C. Consider the different ways by ment. Note otters from that set. Each possible arrangement would be an example of a permutation. The complete arrange two letters from that set., Each list of nossible permutations would be AB, BA, AC, CA, BC and CB. y which we can .A1ll Dermutations made with the letters A, B, C taking all at a time are {ABC, BCA, CAB, CBA, BAC Example 2: All ACB aa her of Permutations: Number of all permutations of n things, taken r at a time, is given by: n! P E (n-r)! Example1: 'P= 5-2)! 5! 5! 3! 5x4x3x2xl - 5x4 =20. 3x 2x1 8! 8! 8x7x6x5x4x3x2xl -8x7x6=336. Example 2: 3(8-3)! 5! 5x4x3x 2x1 iTTerent ways can the letters of the word 'LOGIc' be aranged in such different sir please elaborate n= 4 and 8 only
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    Hi Priyanka ,Refer to below image for solution. Thank you for asking
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