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Phosphorylation of ADP to ATP occurs throuah eneray metabolism, comprising Oxio l phosphorylation or photo-phosphorylation (in plants), ATP can also be formed from AD the action of adenylate kinase. Crystal structure determination of adenylate kinase shows C-teminal region has the sequence -Val-Asp-Asp-Val-Phe-Ser-Gin-Val-Cys-Thr-His-Leu Asp-Thr-Leu-Lys. the What can be a possible cenfermation ef the sequence ? (A) A helix that is not amphipathic (B) Beta hairpin (C) Amphipathic helix (D) Leucine zipper helix I m not getting that what is asking in the question and what is in the options plz. tell me the topic from which this question is asked
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  • Sumridhi
    please elaborate about alpha helical character
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  • Krishan k jakhad thankyou
    C...alpha helix with both charges (amphipathic) Adenylate kinases (AKs) (ATP:AMP phophotransferases, EC catalyze the reversible transfer of the -phosphate group from a ...
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    Krishan k jakhad
    type of amino acids in this given stretch will decide's alpha helical character
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