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Please explain all the 3

If Ram travelled at 3/4th of my average specd and reached 25 minutes late, what is the time that Ram usually take to reach my destination? (A) 75 Min. (B) 85 Min (C) 78 Min. (D) 72 Min e the current speed is 3/4th the average speed, we can take the current speed as 3kmhe snd (A) the average speed as 4km/hr. So, that the ratio of the speeds is 3: 4 As the distance covered is same in both the cases, so the time taken will be in the ratio 4:3 Gn the reverse ratio of speeds). Now apply' simple chain rule that, if Ram is late for 1 minute, the usual time taken is 3 minutes and Ram is late for 25 minutes late, the normal time taken will be 25x3-75 mintes Telling at 6 kmph, Mayur reaches her ofthce 20 minutes late. Travelling at 8 kmph, she reaches her ofce 30 minutes carly. What is her usual speed to reach her office? 6 Km/h (B) (A) 7 Kmh (D) 5 Km/h (C) 8 Kmh B) Let usual speed is S and nomal time is t then by ques. Solving for t, we get t= 3 hrs Since the usual time taken= 3 hrs, usual distance travelled = 3S kms Equating distance travelled, usually, with distance travelled at any of the other two speeds, we 3+20/60)- 3S Therefore, S = 6 km/h wo cars travel from city A to city B at a speed of 42 and 60 km/hr respectively. If one car takes 2 h cr Lime than the other car for the journey, then the distance between City A and Ciy B is (A) 336 Km (B) 224 Km (C) 280 Km (D) 235 Km Aas. (C) Let the distance between the city A and city B be X KIn Speed of car 1= 42 km/hr Speed of car 2- 60 km/hr We know that, Time taken by car 1 to travel from city A to city B= x/42 Time= Distance/Speed Contact 1 7665435800

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  • Rucha rajesh shingvekar best-answer

    1. Option (a) - 75 mins 2. Option (b) - 6 km/hr 3. Option (c) - 280 km


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