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A train moves at a speed, whrch s U more than the speed of a car. Both start from the point P simaltaneously and armve at a pont l2U km away from P at the same time. While on the way. however the traine aboat halt an bour while taking halt at the stations. The speed of the car is (A) 120 kmph B) 75 kmph () S0 kmph (D) 60 kmph (C) Explanation: Let the speed oft the car be x km hr. Speed of the tran t 7% of x = 3x2 km hr. T taken by car to each trom pOnt P to point Q= Distance/Speed = 120/x sen by train to reach trom pont P to pont Q is half an hour more than the time taken by car Therefore, Time taken by train = 120 x (23x +% As both car and tram reach the point Q at the same time 23x x 120+30/60 120x = S0 km/hr mCovers a certain distance on a toy Tan. If the train mOved 4 km/hr faster, it would have taken - sess. If it moved 2 km hr slower, it would have taken 20 minutes more. Find the distance. (A) 40 km B) 60 km (C) 50 km D) 72 km Let the distance be D km. The speed of the train be x km/ hr and nomal time is t hrs. The B t = Dx If the train moves 4 kmhr faster, it would have taken 30 minutes less Dx+ 4 = t - 30/60 Dx +4 =t- % ) If the train moves 2 kmhr slower, it would have taken 20 minutes more .1) DI(x- 2) = t+ 20/60 D(x - 2) = t+ 1/3 Solving equations () and (), we get D = 60 km. Us: Website: Email: | Call Us: 7665435800
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    1. Option (c) - 80km/hr 2 . Will you please send again because last word not visible to me
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