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Please explain the below information regarding the 1e 3e and how s= even and odd condition

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    Bidyut sinha best-answer

    ok I am explaining you.\n\n1)First of all in general spin Values are given by |s1+s2+....|(min) to | s1+s2+...|(max).\n\nwhere Multiplicity is denoted by 2s+1.\n\n2) Now for 1 electron system(1e-),As electron is itself spin -half(1/2) particle,so we will take TOTAL SPIN for 1e system is S=1/2...\nand by the formula of Multiplicity , it's 2\u00D7s+1=2\u00D71/2+1=2...(Doublet)\n\n3) Now for 2electron system, let one electron has value s1=1/2, another is s2=1/2\nNow I have stated general formula at the point 1),that spin Values can be |s1+s2+....|(min) to | s1+s2+...|(max).\n\nNow here for 2 electron system, \n|s1+s2+...| (min) is happening when it is |s1-s2| and | s1+s2+...|(max). is happening when it's | s1+s2|,\nso here S=|s1+s2|(min),|s1+s2|(max)\nor ,. S=| s1-s2| ,| s1+s2|,\nor,. S =|1/2-1/2|,|1/2+1/2|\nor,. S=0,1...\n\nMultiplicity for s=0,(2\u00D70+1)=1 (singlet) \nand Multiplicity for s=1,(2\u00D71+1)=3(triplet)\n\n4) Now for 3 electron system, combination rules I am providing in page.


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