Priya lahorani Asked a Question
February 6, 2022 12:08 pmpts 30 pts
please explain the difference between sense and antisense strand in dna
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  • Aniket ganvir Ganvir
    We allredy know that DNA is a double stranded molecule in which two strand is present one is sense strand and another is Antisense strand .sense strand means segment present in DNA...
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    Priya lahorani
    the strand which codes for RNA is the antisense strand and the strand which is similar to RNA (except T instead of U) is the sense strand..... am i right??
  • Krishan k jakhad thankyou
    In double stranded DNA, only one strand codes for the RNA that is translated into protein. This DNA strand is referred to as the antisense strand. The strand that does not code f...
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