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Please explain the interaction when e. coli lives inside the human intestine.... which one is benefitted? human or e. coli?

please explain the interaction when E. Coli lives inside the human intestine.... which one is benefitted? human or E. coli?

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  • Priya sarda

    the human is benefitted.. i have already answered you

  • Priya sarda best-answer

    Escherichia coli can be commonly found in lower intestines of human and mammals. When E. coli locates in human large intestines, it can help digestion processes, food breakdown and absorption, and vitamin K production. coli is actually an essential organism to the human body. E. coli is a crucial microflora organism in the human that helps with the absorption of Vitamin K and other important vitamins for the human body in the colon. coli are not harmful to humans, and some are even beneficial. Many of us host a population of E. coli in our gut that aids digestion and protects us from other harmful microbes. Scientists have used strains of E.


    this is an example of commensalism... in commensalism only one organism is benefitted but here both E. coli and human is benefitted.. please explain mam


    e coli grows better in human body because of the excretory matter that is present in our body.e coli when it comes outside the human body dies human body is a great place for them to breed and grow


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