Dhruv Verma Asked a Question
August 9, 2020 10:14 pmpts 30 pts
Please help me during the lockdown my daily routine is not propely, So I can't Understand how are adjust ur daily routine mainly study time.Please gave me some ideas anybody
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  • Vaishali sharma thankyou
    dear , study properly because lockdown is an opportunity now. if u r not studying then u shouldn't forget that others are doing and u r legging behind. so prepare your schedule an...
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    Vaishali sharma
    took atleast two subjects at a time and then give some timw for revision as well
  • Ruby negi
    yeah, this is right.. nowadays we all become lasy but dear remember that the exam will happen so u have to prepare for it, and keep the important thing in mind , most of the aspira...
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    Ruby negi
    good luck...
  • Chandra dhawan
    dear u should utilities this time becoz it's golen time for better study ,self study if you r not studying then u should forget that other are doing and you are lagging behind, so ...
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    Chandra dhawan
    if you have any doubt plzz ask
  • Chandra dhawan
    dear even I'll suggest you if you're not doing you study properly then u should sit on your chair- table at least 7 -8 hour per day .it will be beneficial for you becoz if you sit ...
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