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May 13, 2020 9:51 ampts 30 pts
I am confused how to solve this type of problems where the index of z is odd... As while solving in that step where you need to change sign of z this (1+x)^3 is changing to (1-x)^3. Please help me with a detailed solution
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  • Sanchari Pal
    @ Neeraj bansal sir here are my doubts
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    Neeraj bansal
    first of all to start with you realize with practice that which function you have to assume while start solving the problem
  • Neeraj bansal thankyou
    ans is attached below
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    Sanchari Pal
    sir, I have some doubts with this method, I have previously posted this problem, and you solved it there, but I could not ask my doubt there, so I reposted it here again.. I am pos...
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  • Sanchari Pal
    no.. this is not the answer.. and your method is totally wrong. the odd even concept is not applicable here..
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    Chandra dhawan
    what is answer??? n
  • Ruby negi
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