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plz do tell important quotes of function of a critic with reference & brief explanation
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  • Deb halder Halder
    The function of criticism I maintain even that the criticism employed by a trained and skilled writer on his own work is the most vital, the highest kind of criticism; and (as I t...
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    do tell about critical faculty
  • Deb halder Halder thankyou
    The critic, one would suppose, if he is to justify his existence, should endeavour to discipline his personal prejudices and cranks—tares to which we are all subject— and compose h...
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  • Deb halder Halder Best Answer
    The function of criticism The critic’s task, therefore, appears to be quite clearly cut out for him; and it ought to be comparatively easy to decide whether he performs it satisfa...
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  • Deb halder Halder thankyou
    The function of criticism Criticism must always profess an end in view, which, roughly speaking, appears to be the elucidation of works of art and the correction of taste.  
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