Ngamchoi wangsa Asked a Question
July 24, 2020 2:58 pmpts 30 pts
plz provide me lesson plan of my studies schedule like unit wise .I'm confused how to begin plz help my subject is English
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  • Deb Halder thankyou
    my view is start with what you are most comfortable with. so let's say INDIAN STUDIES which one can relate to very easily. the do British literature from CHAUCER TO PRESENT. then d...
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  • Deb Halder
    if you like the replies , accept them as best answers and as answers
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    Ngamchoi wangsa
    ok fine thanks I will start from today
  • Deb Halder
    start with this and as and when you have questions ask here. we are here to guide you as and when needed. so just start studying.
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  • Ngamchoi wangsa
    sir I have issues that is maths I'm very poor therefore need your help to solve it ...thabk you
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  • Deb Halder
    how is your preparation going on? ???
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