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Q84 he 2x2 idetity matrix| and the Pauli matrices o,.,,o, do not form a group under matrix multiplication. The minimum number of 2x2 matrices, which includes these four matrices, and form a group (under matrix multiplication) is )20 (b) 8 (c) 12 (d) 16 Ans. (d) ixlixI|, o, io, -id O ixl -IXIO, O, O TO, O.
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  • Bidyut sinha
    see the first page...where u can see the definition of Group...Now in the second page ,the Matrices that I have written that will follow all properties of group...such as {I, sigma...
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  • Bidyut sinha thankyou
    please see attached picture.minimum 16 number of 2×2 Matrix is possible...
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    how...? not getting ur point
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