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Q.58 A Company has a choice of two languages Li and La to develop a software for their client. Number of LoC required to develop an application in l2 18 thrice the LOC in language l. Also, software has to be maintained for next 10 years. Various parameters for two languages are given below to decide which language should be preferred for development. PARAMETER L L Nan-year needed for development LOC/1000 LOC/1000 Deveiopte Co- 000Rs.90.000 Cost of Maintenance per year Rs.1.00,000| Rs.40,000 Total cost of project include cost of development and maintenance. What 1s the LOC for for which cOst of developing the software with both languages must be same? 1) 2000 2) 6000 (3) 3000 4) 5000 options 1. 1 2.2 3.3 4.4
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    Ans is 3rd option ans including some mathematical calculations so I have attached image
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