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Que. Which is not equivalent to p q ? (a) (-P vg) (p v-q) (b) (-p v q) (q p) (c) -pA g) v (p A -q) (d) (pA-q) v (p A g) (a) (b) (pg) )a (q p) (d) (pnq) v (p a g) same asp q So, correct option is (c). Answer: (C) Sol. (P q) A (q p) Check krna hai.. Solution p qmeans both p q and q p p q is equivalent to p vq and q is equivalent to q v p So A and B are fine. D is a different way of writing A pq (Pg) a (q p) = (P v g) A (g P) [Since p q qv g = (p v q) (q v p) = -p A q) v(-p n -q) v (q p) v (q A -q) (Distributive law) [As ((-pA p) = 0, (q -q)= 0) (Complementation)] (pA g) v (p a q) which is Option (D) Only option which is not equivalent to p q is option (C). So, option (C) is correct.
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    see the image..
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    thank you and nice to explain
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