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Ques. which among the following is not an example of hydrogen bond? (a) ch, (b) hci c) liquid hc1 (d) nh,

Ques. Which among the following is not an example of hydrogen bond? (A) CH3, (B) HCI C) Liquid HCl (D) NH2 My question is hydrogen bond is formed only by Nitrogen, fluorine and oxygen so carbon also cannot form hydrogen bond so answer can be (A) also

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    HCl does not form hydrogen bonds because chlorine is not electronegative enough, and it has larger size, so hydrogen bonds are not formed.  They are generally formed with fluorine, oxygen, and nitrogen. Thus, phenol, liq ammonia and water forms hydrogen bonds. Therefore, the correct option is B Carbon–hydrogen bonds have a bond length of about 1.09 Å (1.09 × 10−10 m) and a bond energy of about 413 kJ/mol (see table below). Using Pauling's scale—C (2.55) and H (2.2)—the electronegativity difference between these two atoms is 0.35. Because of this small difference in electronegativities, the C−H bond is generally regarded as being non-polar.  Electronegativity is very less.but it is it is almost considered to be non polar.


    but priya ji CH3 also cannot form hydrogen bond because carbon is not electronegative enough plz explain this mam


    the C-H bond is non polar so hydrogen bond will not be formed... thus option A can be correct na mam


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