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Question: 50/125 previous year solved papers (psp)- economics assertion (a) : moving average method is a method of trend estimation. reason (r) : regression met

Question: 50/125 Previous Year Solved Papers (PSP)- Economics Assertion (A) : Moving average method is a method of trend estimation. Reason (R) : Regression method is used to estimate fluctuations in time series.s Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A). Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A). (A) is true, but (R) is false. (A) is false but (R) is true. View Solution (A) is true, but (R) is false.

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    Moving average is a simple, technical analysis tool. Moving averages are usually calculated to identify the trend direction of a stock or to determine its support and resistance levels. It is a trend-following—or lagging—indicator because it is based on past prices. Most commonly, regression analysis estimates the conditional expectation of the dependent variable given the independent variables – that is, the average value of the dependent variable when the independent variables are fixed. ... Regression analysis is widely used for prediction and forecasting.


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